​ I’m a creature of habit for the most part. If I like something I stick to it especially when it comes to hair products. As hairdressers we are inundated with the latest products. Although I am grateful for the variety it can be somewhat overwhelming for the average woman to pick the right product for her particular hair type and needs.

I’ve narrowed it down to the top products that I use interchangeably with just about all hair textures and types:

Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum – an oldy but a good. Not to be confused with the PM Skinny Balm. I made that mistake and prefer the Serum for its consistency. I stopped using this for awhile and I can’t remember why?? It smells great and a little goes a long way to get a nice finish on a blow out no matter what hair texture. I apply only to the ends of towel dry hair.

Label M Sea Salt Spray – OBSESSED. It’s sea salt spray that is not too sticky and can be used in place of a volumizing spray. You can either blow dry it in or let it air dry. Versatility is key for me. It has great memory so throughout the day if your hair goes flat you can just fluff it up from underneath to get the volume back. I also love the fact that it has built in UV protection and Protein. In my opinion-genius. It doesn’t get oily for the finer haired ladies. Again I use this on just about any hair texture depending on the finish. This is applied to towel-dried hair or for finer textures blast the roots dry 70% then apply. I even spray a little on curly-girls for extra hold.

Label M Protein Spray– An easy hair care accessory. Meaning it’s a painless add-on to your hair care routine. Spray on dry or damp hair as a ‘base’ to keep the hair cuticle ‘beefed-up’. Anyone without virgin hair can benefit to the effortless protein treatment which ALSO includes UV protection and floral extracts. Smells light and citrusy. There are no ‘styling agents’ to this so if you need control to frizz or volume you’ll have to add something else on top this. (Google the benefits of protein for the promotion of hair growth & strength)

Redken Curvaceous Cream Serum – A client put me on to this one awhile back and I really like it for its texture and hold. Ideal for curly types 3A-4A; mid-level hold because it’s a cream + serum. Before this came along I used to have to combine these two elements. Now Redken has done it for you! (Curly Hair styling tip- you can take your favorite leave-in/styling conditioner add a few drops of Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum!!)

Sexy Hair Root Pump Love this as a blow-in volumizer. Can’t over do it! Believe me I’ve tried. I am using this more than Label M Sea Salt Spray just for that simple fact. Great volume & finish. Never gets sticky or tacky. But you have to blow dry it in. I would put this on the roots only spray Label M Seas Salt Spray on the end combined with a drop or two of Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum.

Sexy Hair H2No – Awesome hybrid of dry shampoo with shine and light hold. You’ve seen me use this as a finishing spray instead of shampoo. Soft & light I’ve yet to ‘overdue’ it even when I get spray happy. Apply roots-to-ends and fluff!

Sexy Hair Play Dirty – So this is my latest find that I’ve been playing around with. AMAZING for curly hair-types. It’s perfect for frizz and has amazing shine. Goes on dry hair!

Kerastase Touche Finishing Serum- This small potion has the best consistency I’ve seen yet that can be applied to dry hair. It’s great for fly-aways and smoothing the tips of your tresses. A small dap emulsified (rub it in your palms before applying) gives a more polished sleek look. This one is hard to find in stores for whatever reason. I usually stock up online.

Lanza Healing Moisture Tamanu Shampoo – You all ask about this in the salon if only for the smell of it. But I love it for the moisture content as well. It’s so dry here in California I had to update my shampoo game and I love this shampoo for its versatility for ALL hair textures that I deal with (fine-coarse). The scent is amazing but Lanza has a legendary reputation for it’s high end ingredients. No additive, preservatives parabens; sulfate free! . [UPDATE: Tamanu Shampoo IS NOT listed on Amazon I have recently discovered. You can still get the trial size of Tamanu Shampoo & Kukui Conditioner on Amazon and the Kukui conditioner only. I’m bummed about that but I can still get it through my distributor. If you really want it I can special order it for you.]

John Masters Organics Evening Primrose – I don’t use this in the salon because I’m truly happy with Lanza. However a client has been using this and first thing I noticed was the tonality of her newly blonde tresses (done by me). When she returned for her balayage touch up after 3-1/2 mos her tone was nearly spot-on. Meaning it held well all things considered. She’s a very active girl and washes her hair on average every 2-3 days. Shes’ has curly thick hair; not the easiest to maintain moisture & softness ESPECIALLY with highlighted hair. All these bases was covered. I sussed the situation out and now am passing this gem of a color-friendly shampoo on to you guys as well. The John Masters Lavender Avocado conditioner popped up as a Best Seller. This client did not mention using this conditioner but if you have let me know your thoughts.

There are TONS of products out there. I like to try different things and am always interested in what ‘finds ‘my clients recently purchased and are enjoying. I’m like the hub for information. I share what I like and dislike with the reasons why. But if something works for you then by all means continue using it. I have clients who swear by Suave and Dove shampoos and styling products. I personally am not a fan because of the additives but if it works for you and your hair responds well to it then go forth and Suave it out. Just make sure to use a proper leave-in to balance out moisture on the ends of your hair.

Noteable mentions that my clients rave about are Loreal EverPure shampoo and dry shampoo, Elnet Hair Spray (hairdresser approved), and Frederic Fekkai color shampoo for blondes and brunettes.