It may not seem like it, but changing your hair color is a big decision. Blonde, red, and brunette are no longer the only options available when it comes to dying your hair. Nowadays, you have the option of changing your hair color to anything from blue to silver, not to mention the variety of different styles.

If you’re looking into dying your hair, or even a simple hair cut, Rayna Hair Artistry is the place to go! Our experts realize that no two heads are alike, and that each person’s hair behaves differently. We have a dedicated eye to texture, movement, and weight, which allows us to bring out the very best your hair has to offer. We also offer a variety of hair color options that you can check out on our website. Contact Rayna Hair Artistry today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Before you decide on a whim to dye your hair, there are a few things you should consider. Continue reading below for a few tips on how to make your new hair color the best it can be.

State of Mind and Emotion

The very first thing you need to consider before you dye your hair is your state of mind. Many people make the rash decision to dye their hair after a traumatic or stressful event. In some cases, this drastic decision ends up working out, but in most cases, the person ends up regretting the decision.

If you’ve thought about changing your hair color for some time, and you know exactly what color, cut, and style you want it to be, then our experts at Rayna Hair Artistry are ready to make it happen! We think every person deserves to look their best and we are more than happy to help you achieve the look you desire.

Skin Tone and Eye Color

The best way to avoid regretting your hair color is to find a color that complements your skin and eye color. There are definitely hair colors that look better with certain eye and skin colors than they do on others. For example, people with green eyes and fair skin generally look very good with red hair. However, if you’re looking for something to give you that “wow” factor, try consulting with one of our experts at Rayna Hair Artistry. We can help you find a color that makes your best features pop while minimizing features you may not like.

Commitment and Maintenance

Another important factor to consider is how much time and money you are willing to commit to maintenance. Some hair colors are very low maintenance and only require a touch-up every so often, while others require you to go to the hair salon every few weeks. An example of this would be a brunette who decides to go blonde. Brown hair is very dark, and as your hair grows out, you will need to keep dying the roots to maintain flawless blonde hair. On the other hand, a brunette that decides to try red highlights might have very minimal upkeep, especially if the red highlights blend into the brown hair.

The Health of Your Hair

Before you dye your hair, it’s important to let your colorist know the history of your hair. It may sound silly, but any leftover chemicals from previous dye jobs could affect the outcome of your new hair color.

If you live in the West Hollywood area and you are interested in dying your hair, visit Rayna Hair Artistry! Our experts can help your hair reach its full potential. Whether you are looking for a haircut or a new hair color, Rayna Hair Artistry is the place to go! Contact us at 310-954-9455 to schedule an appointment today.