At Rayna Hair Artistry, the artist understands that you don’t have the same hair as the next person. You deserve a haircut that is designed to accentuate your unique style and movement, which is why Rayna, the professional hair stylist, has worked hard to achieve the skills that will deliver just that.

A haircut isn’t just a haircut. One snip here and one snip there just won’t suffice if you want to get the most out of your luscious locks. At Rayna Hair Artistry, Rayna will work with you, and your hair, to maximize texture and movement, providing you with numerous great hair days. If you want to see for yourself, book an appointment or visit our West Hollywood salon today!

Prices start at $75

Maximize Movement

Believe it or not, each person’s hair has different texture and movement. If your hair stylist is not used to cutting hair with this point in mind, it can result in a terrible cut that will only make you work harder to make it look right. At Rayna’s Hair Artistry, Rayna is trained to have a dedicated eye for texture and movement. Instead of fighting your hair to get it to look a certain way, she works with the movements to provide you with a style that will cooperate with how your hair was made to look.

Cut To Last

Because Rayna is trained to cut according to your hair’s specific movement and texture, your haircut will last longer and look better than cuts you may have received in the past. When your hair is cut to fit the style as opposed to how your hair moves naturally, it can start to look worse for the wear as it grows.

All Textures And Hair Types Welcome!

Those with curly or coarse textures may be wary of going to just any hairstylist. At Rayna Hair Artistry, our stylist, Rayna, understands that your luscious locks require special skills in order for your cut to look perfect. Luckily, Rayna is trained in how to cut curly, straight, wavy, coarse, short hair, long hair, and everything in between! With her, you won’t have to worry about walking away feeling disappointed. She also offers styling tips and tools at the end of each appointment.

At Rayna Hair Artistry, Rayna has the skills needed to give you a haircut that you will love. Don’t wait! Visit our West Hollywood salon and book your appointment today!