1. Top Fave Hair Products

    ​ I'm a creature of habit for the most part. If I like something I stick to it especially when it comes to hair products. As hairdressers we are inundated with the latest products. Although I am grateful for the variety it can be somewhat overwhelming for the average woman to pick the right produc…Read More

  2. Sombre, Ombre and Balayage…OH MY!

    I hear these 3 terms a plenty: 'Ombre' and 'Balayage' and the latest trendy term 'Sombre'. I'd like to clarify the many misconceptions I've been hearing over the past several months. Let's begin.. ​ Most new clients I meet confuse Balayage with Ombre. Bal-a-yage is a Technique; a way to perform a …Read More

  3. What’s the Buzz about Dry Cutting?

    I've been seeing a small buzz on the 'inter-web' about Dry Cutting hair so I thought I throw my two-sense in since it's something I'm quite fond of and have been practicing pretty much from day one of my career as a Senior Stylist Dry Cutting Vs - Wet Cutting are not opposed to one another. In my op…Read More

  4. Texture is the Spice of Life

    So I got an interesting question the other day from a new client. She had that youthful inquisitiveness of a college student about to embark on the world and has no idea how to go about it. I found her to be quite endearing and very sweet natured. So the question she asked very simply was 'How do yo…Read More