1. Top Fave Hair Products

    ​ I'm a creature of habit for the most part. If I like something I stick to it especially when it comes to hair products. As hairdressers we are inundated with the latest products. Although I am grateful for the variety it can be somewhat overwhelming for the average woman to pick the right produc…Read More

  2. Sombre, Ombre and Balayage…OH MY!

    I hear these 3 terms a plenty: 'Ombre' and 'Balayage' and the latest trendy term 'Sombre'. I'd like to clarify the many misconceptions I've been hearing over the past several months. Let's begin.. ​ Most new clients I meet confuse Balayage with Ombre. Bal-a-yage is a Technique; a way to perform a …Read More

  3. What’s the Buzz about Dry Cutting?

    I've been seeing a small buzz on the 'inter-web' about Dry Cutting hair so I thought I throw my two-sense in since it's something I'm quite fond of and have been practicing pretty much from day one of my career as a Senior Stylist Dry Cutting Vs - Wet Cutting are not opposed to one another. In my op…Read More

  4. Texture is the Spice of Life

    So I got an interesting question the other day from a new client. She had that youthful inquisitiveness of a college student about to embark on the world and has no idea how to go about it. I found her to be quite endearing and very sweet natured. So the question she asked very simply was 'How do yo…Read More

  5. Is There Such a Thing East Coast / West Coast Hair?

    Although I have been completely cognizant of how much people from L.A. hate it when New Yorkers' visiting or living in California compare everything to New York especially after reading an article in the L.A. Times awhile back, to paraphrase: New Yorkers are in the Top 10 of the most annoying things…Read More

  6. Color Transformation

    For amazing color have realistic expectations. If you have dark hair and want to go lighter here are a few options to get there with minimal damage to your hair. Caramels, Ash Browns and Dark Blondes are great Transitioning Color Tones for Dark Brown Hair.  …Read More