The ‘Artistry’

With more than 10 years of experience, Rayna has been developing a unique approach to the balayage hair painting technique. With an artist’s stroke and an exacting eye for detail, her versatility transcends the latest techniques with a practiced free-hand brush stroke, creating a seamlessly blended highlight.

If you go to Rayna for a haircut, you won’t be disappointed. Each cut is customized using various studied techniques that enhance movement, create texture, and balance the weight density of your hair. Once Rayna has finished, she will provide you with a professional grade blow-out and one last finishing ‘dry cut’ to ensure a flawless finish.


Rayna Wrighton is a native New Yorker, and in 2003, she apprenticed for two and a half years at Devachan Departure Lounge in Soho, NYC as a Junior Colorist Specializing in The Balayage Hair Painting technique (Pintura). Not wanting to limit herself to one focus, Rayna sought out further education at Cutler Salon NYC in 2006. There, she apprenticed for three and a half years and specialized in precision hair cutting, finishing, and editorial styling.

With six seasons of NYFW under her belt, and an impressive roster of on-the-job experience with major editorial, commercial, and print campaigns for popular brands and magazines, she decided to leave Cutler Salon Soho, NYC.

In 2012, Rayna started Rayna Hair Artistry in the Flatiron District, NYC out of Alibi 25 Salon. A few years later, Rayna moved to West Hollywood, CA, where she now runs Rayna Hair Artistry as a boutique salon.

“No two heads of hair are alike. You have to carefully carve away […] and know when to STOP”