So I got an interesting question the other day from a new client. She had that youthful inquisitiveness of a college student about to embark on the world and has no idea how to go about it. I found her to be quite endearing and very sweet natured. So the question she asked very simply was ‘How do you know how to deal with so many different hair textures?’

Such a simple question that I rarely get asked. Her question threw me back to my early days as an Assistant training to get on the floor as a Junior Stylist. I was just as she is now; uncertain of a not so certain future. When you’re younger there are SO MANY VARIABLES WITH NO CERTAINTIES. In my opinion that still applies as you get older except life experience gives you more tools to work with.

My answer to her in short was ‘Training’.
I trained very hard. Learned everything from everyone who had anything to teach. I studied and shadowed those I admired (and those I didn’t). You can learn so much if you just observe. I constantly challenged myself. If I was asked to bring in blow dry model I would bring in the thickest, longest curliest hair I could find. Fine-textured hair was my biggest challenge in the beginning. It was so foreign from anything I’ve ever known (not these days—back in the beginning, let’s be clear!). But with awesome Stylist and Colorist who mentored me I began to understand. With every Class whether it be Color, Cut or Style I would constantly bring in that particular concept and/or technique that challenged me the most, working at it until I got it right. Gracious! I’m still learning, tweaking obsessing how do things differently and better.

That young client and I had a good chat. I totally identified with her fears and concerns upon graduating college and embarking into the adult world. I believe the moral I got from our exchange was: TRAINING. In the broadest sense. As a young stylist I already knew I didn’t want to be limited in who my clientele was going to be. I didn’t want someone to look at me and think I couldn’t possibly understand their hair because we don’t have the same hair texture. I wanted to be a HAIRSTYLIST plain and simple and now some ‘umpteeth’ years later I relish in the fact that my clientele reflects those wishes I had long ago.

Rebuilding my business in West Hollywood has its daunting moments for the obvious reasons that any new start up in a new location would have. But my TRAINING has prepared me. I’ve done the work. I am prepared so now I can actually enjoy any and all the challenges that enter MY SALON DOOR (had to say ‘My’. It feels so good to say :)).

That’s all for today. Make sure to Have a Good Hair Day! (#rhahghd -raynahairartistry have a good hair day)