Although I have been completely cognizant of how much people from L.A. hate it when New Yorkers’ visiting or living in California compare everything to New York especially after reading an article in the L.A. Times awhile back, to paraphrase: New Yorkers are in the Top 10 of the most annoying things about living in L.A. haha! However as a brand new and disgustingly green East Coast-transplant, it is next to impossible to not make observations and comparisons (West Hollywood reminds me of Chelsea in the Spring!–:)sidebar). Especially when I’m asked daily by new clients who ask me my thoughts on the differences between New York and L.A.

First and foremost I am having a love affair with my new home. I’m digging all the nuances as well as the striking similarities. Whoever told me Californians are easy going and friendly lied. Maybe it’s just the neighborhood I live in but pedestrians have that same entitled walk-through-you-because-my- head-is-stuck-to-my-cellphone attitude just like back home. But I’m not complaining, I kinda dig it. I get to keep my edge a bit and not get too soft. That being said just a few minor observations I notice right away in my first month working in West Hollywood.

There are not as many Blondes as a judgemental East Coaster like myself would expect. I mean there are differences, but no more than I’ve experienced while working in New York. More interestingly enough was the amount of Highlighted Blondes wanting to transition back to their Natural Hair Color. I base this ‘trend’ on several reasons 1) Bad Highlighting Experiences 2) Lower Maintenance 3) Compromised Integrity of Hair Quality which goes back to Point 1) ‘Bad Highlighting Experience and 4) Cutting Cost by saving trips to the salon.

I’ve had mixed emotions about this because Balayage is my thing! It’s one of the things I am known for in New York. I wanted to plead with them don’t give up on Highlighting yet! I just got here, I have so much to show you! Hopefully I’ve made an impression and will win them back to the world of Balayage. Time will tell, again I just got here.

Another small geographical distinctions in my opinion is the Deep Side Part. I mean really DEEP Side Part and it’s how they wear their hair the majority of the time with the occasional middle part. I guess it’s not an earth shattering observation unless you’re a colorist but it definitely made me rethink my Balayage approach; how and where I place my highlights while still maintaining a balance of color no matter where she wears it.

Last but not least I have to point out the numbers of DIY’s I’ve had to correct. Perhaps because I’m new in town and have gotten spoiled with my Regular Clients back in New York but the levels of botched DIYs is an epidemic and I do not necessarily want to point a finger at my new and beloved West Coasters, I will blame You-Tube instead for perpetuating the myth that doing hair is EASY. I think my next blog will be about this….But back to the topic at hand.

In my opinion Trends seem to be transcending geographical situations. We get our fashion and beauty cues pretty much at the same time thanks to social media. What I do notice a plenty in Southern California is a lot of blank canvases of hair who want and need a bit of change but not sure if what they hope to want is attainable without emptying out their savings account. And that’s where Rayna Hair Artistry comes in with her Balayage Brush and Japanese Steel Scissors! 🙂
​ Have a Good Hair Day! #rhahghd (Rayna Hair Artistry-Have A Good Hair Day)